Missing CPU Power Management from Win8

Just found out that if you are running Windows 8 with the Hyper-V Platform installed, some important settings in your “Processor Power Management” section under Power Options go missing. This is because Hyper-V decides to keep your CPU clocked at 100%.

This is obviously bad if you’re on a laptop, since your CPU will no longer clock itself down when not in use, and your battery will drain considerably faster.
Unfortunately, the only way to re-enable power management for your CPU is to uninstall the Hyper-V Platform from the OS. More of a reason for me to keep using VMware then…

2 thoughts on “Missing CPU Power Management from Win8

    1. The problem is that the power plan change won’t have an effect on your CPU clocking. When Hyper-V role is installed, Windows will force 100% CPU clock no matter what power plan you choose. I’m guessing this is for better performance on your VM’s?

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