Export UM Custom Prompts

My first attempt at a semi-useful PowerShell script. This script will export all UM prompts from all dial plans and auto attendants for Exchange 2010 and 2013. The output of the script is a collection of files with WAV extension on the running directory, matching the names of the custom prompts.

Future changes: Set a working folder, and organize the prompts into folders based on AA and DP name.

The output files are in WAV extension, but are actually MP3 files (Insert blame for Export-UMPrompt). There is another script coming that will convert these files from MP3 to 8Khz Mono PCM WAV files so they can be reused for other UM attendants.

Disclaimer: This is one of my first attempts at scripting, so the code may be completely unoptimized, slow, confusing or just plain ugly.

Hope this is useful!


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