Skype for Business preview for Android

A few hours ago I received an e-mail from Microsoft inviting me and some of my coworkers to the Skype for Business Mobile Preview program, with instructions on how to get the Android app installed.

So far the app is very well made, with a less “beta” sense than many other products. I dare to say this preview app feels more reliable than the Lync 2013 app. Some screenshots that give you an idea of what it’s like:

Screenshot_2015-10-07-19-07-09 Screenshot_2015-10-07-19-07-46 Screenshot_2015-10-07-21-58-22 Screenshot_2015-10-07-19-09-17 Screenshot_2015-10-07-21-59-11 Screenshot_2015-10-07-21-58-33 Screenshot_2015-10-07-21-58-39 Screenshot_2015-10-07-22-06-12

Some nice changes/additions:

  • Ability to manage your contact list from the app. Add, remove and move contacts within groups
    Screenshot_2015-10-07-22-05-51 Screenshot_2015-10-07-22-06-15
  • Shake your phone for feedback to the developers (can see this getting removed in GA, but it’s pretty nice)
  • Improved integration into the Android OS (missed calls, missed IM’s and active calls, but Lync 2013 had similar integration)
  • Call Forwarding settings now let you apply settings outside business hours (like the Desktop client)
    Screenshot_2015-10-07-22-08-08 Screenshot_2015-10-07-22-08-17

Tomorrow when the greater part of my colleagues are actually awake, it will be time to run conferences and view content. So far so good. Great job Microsoft!

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